RFID Personnel Tracking System

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RFID Personnel tracking

RFID personnel tracking helps organization to track and monitor their workforce within the work location to improve the safety of employees and increase the productivity of the organization.

"RFID plays important role in improving organizational growth, streamline the business processes and get to know real-time location of an employee in our site"
Enrique Joe
CTO - Sigma

What are the benefits of having an RFID personnel tracking system?

Location based solutions offer many solutions for the construction and manufacturing industries. List of benefits as follows:

* Track employee’s actual working hours against attendance hours
* Identify exact overtime calculation of employees
* Minimize leakage of working hours and revenue of each employee
* Trace contract labors exact working hours vs money spent on wages
* Define Geo-fencing for each employee to identify location wise time spent in a day

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Which RFID reader is best for location tracking?

RFID reader has to be selected based on the use case requirement and environment of an organization. If its for indoor location tracking, UHF passive RFID is the best choice. If it’s for the long range outdoor location tracking – it’s ideal to go for Active RFID system with 2.45GHz or 433 MHz system. If you required more distance in kilometers, than LoraWan is the best choice. As mentioned earlier, your choice of reader should be based on your…

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Real-time Location info

HexaRTLS provides real-time location information of your workforce within your work locations. Geo-fencing allows total time spent in unallocated zones


Geo-fencing offers accurate workers movement within the zones allocated as well as non-allocated so that understand worker productivity and performance

Customized Reports

Our reporting feature allows organizations to create their own reports using Microsoft SSRS and Power BI. SSIS and SSAS allow organizations to analyze data more precisely

Power BI Dashboard

RTLS dashboard integrated with Microsoft Power BI allows an organization to have a live data feed and dynamic charts in the RTLS application makes it more vibrant ​

Live Floor-plan analysis

Companies can view their employee proximity information within the each zone and sub-zones as well as their non-allocated zone movements

API Integration

We provide REST API integration to connect with your existing ERPs such as SAP, Oracle Financials or Microsoft Dynamics 365. We help organization for integration tasks ​

quick roi using rfid based personnel tracking

Hexahash provides cost effective, more useful and proven solution in implementing RFID based tracking system for workforce management in your factory or site. Call us for more details. ​