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2.45 GHz Active

RFID Reader

This is an Active RFID 2.45 GHz reader with two variants such as circular polarization and linear polarization. Hexa Active Reader has PoE, Ethernet and WiFi features. Our Active reader comes with BLE WiFi Gateway along with Active RFID hence can be used for indoor tracking as well as outdoor long range tracking. Hexa Active readers are the only readers comes with LoraWAN, BLE and Active RFID.

2.45GHz ActiveReader

Product Feature

Active RFID

For Outdoor Tracking

Hexa 2.45 GHz active RFID readers are good for long range out door employee or asset tracking. This gain adjustable reader uses a built-in omni-directional antenna to provide a read range of up to 328 ft (100 m) and features optional built-in PoE. or Ethernet or WiFi 

BLE WiFi Gateway

For Indoor Tracking

Hexa 2.45 GHz Active RFID readers has built-in BLE gateways which allows indoor tracking as well. BLE WiFi gateway offers tracking of BLE beacon tags along with active RFID tag. customers can have a dual benefit of indoor tracking as well as outdoor tracking. 

IoT Enabled

With Value add sensors

Why Should go for only tracking of workforce or assets?  Our active RFID readers comes with IoT sensors such as temperature, humidity, fall detection,  smoke detection and many other features which are valuable for the organization. 

rfid asset tracking

Long Range RFID Asset Tracking System

Long Range RFID asset tracking system helps infrastructure, construction and petroleum companies to monitor, asset’s location information and its working status even in long distance. HexaRTLS provides complete visibility of assets and equipment status across sites  

Active RFID for Multiple Use Case Requirement

Active RFID 2.45 GHz System offers long range tracking of employees or asset equipment across the sites in large area. No other technology can support such a long range tracking with ease of use and low cost than 2.45 GHz. We help companies to succeed in their business.  

rfid employee tracking

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